Tsantilis Art


Our company specializes in:

  • Paintings and sculptures by Greek artists or foreigners who have been inspired by Greece and its culture
  • Philhellenic, historical and folklore objects
  • Precious jewelry

We always strive to highlight in the best possible way the valuable works and objects we choose to include in our catalogs.

We achieve this:

  • through their color photography by professional photographers in the area
  • with their detailed and accurate description in our catalogs, faithfully searching and recording their identity and history
  • by organizing an exhibition or planning periods during which potential buyers have the opportunity to see and examine them up close in places specially designed for this purpose
  • implementing a communication plan with both the domestic and the international print and electronic press
  • promoting our catalogs on international online platforms aimed at potential buyers from around the world

Our specialized staff, after evaluating your projects and special items, will suggest you, always based on our experience, the ideal way to sell in order to ensure the maximum possible financial result. With this in mind, your project or particular item may be utilized in one of the following ways:

  • via physical sale
  • via private sale
  • through online sales
  • via online auction

You can send us photos, as well as any additional information you deem useful, via email to: [email protected] along with the artists' signatures if any as well as the frameless dimensions for the paintings.

Once we receive the above information, our specialized staff will study it and if deemed necessary you will be asked for more details and information or you will be informed to take a closer look at what we might use.

Close examination is always necessary because it is crucial for the assessment, but also to decide which type of sale best suits the projects and items you wish to sell. Upon receipt, you receive from us the corresponding receipt, in which we indicate the appraisal price of our house for your works and objects. In some cases you may be asked to stay at our offices for a few more days in order to further examine them.

Our team consists of specialized professionals with many years of experience in the field and excellent knowledge of the market. The appraisal price is determined taking into account the market in combination with additional criteria, such as the creator, the date, the subject, its rarity, the condition in which a work or a particular object is located, as well as the material from which it is made.

The appraisal value stated on the receipt of your project or item is indicative and may change (either decrease or increase) upon further consideration after prior notice.

At the discretion of our house, one or more of what you have brought us may not be included in any of our auctions or online sales.

All the works and special items that we receive are insured from the moment of their receipt at our headquarters, until the end of the auction or their online sale.

Of course. If your work or object has not been included in our site in an online auction or sale.

The final amount you will receive is the award price (or sale, if it is an online sale) deducting our commission and the 24% VAT that is only borne by the commission. Transport, insurance and maintenance costs may also be charged.

Payment is made by deposit in the bank account that you indicate to us and in which you must be a beneficiary. Payment is always made according to the information you have provided us upon receipt of the work or item and which are stated on the receipt we provide.

Payment is made within 45 days of the end of the auction or sold online, provided it has been previously paid by its buyer.

If your work or item is not sold, you must pick it up from our offices within 10 days of the end of the auction or its online sale. After this period, it remains in our area at your own risk, as its insurance coverage ceases to be valid.

We suggest you contact a gallery for the best promotion of your work, as our house is active in the secondary art market.