Tsantilis Art


Greek Art Authentications - Appraisals - Attributions

Mr. A. Tsantilis, President of the Hellenic Association of Art Experts and Accredited Art Expert, and his Associates welcome you to the ‘Tsantilis Art’ Gallery.

We offer authoritative art authentications for Greek and European Works of Art upon request, and prompt appraisals for acquisition and selling purposes at the most reasonable prices in Greece.


The services we provide include:

i)             Authentication and Evaluation of Works of Art, including Greek and  European Paintings, Contemporary  Art or Antiques, providing ratified documentation of their authenticity after laboratory inspection

ii)            Conservation, Presentation and Documentation of Greek Paintings and Objects of Art

iii)           Art Insurance Advice

iv)     Legal services: Advice and assistance for the bidding process, acceptance of requests by individuals or institutions in collaboration with reputable law firms (in Greece and abroad) who specialize in the field of Art

v)            We are at the client’s disposal to provide consulting services for the purpose of investing in Art. Following the client’s consent, we represent them in Auctions & Private Sales worldwide.


We will decide for the client, upon request:

  • The authenticity of the item – work of Art
  • If the instance or period for the artist is appropriate, etc.
  • The item’s estimated worth in ten years’ time, based on our experts’ experience - not ‘optimism’.
  • What the possibilities may be for a prompt resale.
  • What the fair market value - the replacement value is
  • Advice on the splitting up of a collection for inheritance, divorce or other purposes
  • Advice on creating an Art collection, where to begin.


Kindly bear the following in mind:                                                                               

Our Expertise Department was created to provide highly qualified consulting services to collectors and institutions - owners of works of Art who require a certificate of authenticity or an all-purpose estimation.

Certain sectors working in the Art market may not possess the requisite or scientific / qualified training, neither hold a ratified business appraiser’s certification or legal tax office registry and therefore may be unable to issue authentication documents.

Our team comes to restore the consistency of all those involved directly or indirectly in the Art Market in Greece and to ensure and guarantee the utmost of quality services.