Tsantilis Art

About Us

Established in 1925, 'Tsantilis Art' provides significant Greek and European works of art, housing a collection that includes a range of diverse periods and subject matter. We offer authoritative art authentication as well as advisory services for collectors worldwide. We source and sell an array of the most noteworthy Greek paintings on the market.

We consider Modern Art a financial investment, with a selection of artists prompt to make gains  in the fine art market. We acquire, exhibit, and promote promising artists to become the new “blue chips” in Art. Our tactical strategy includes marketing tools in social media and internet marketing.           

The ‘Tsantilis Art’ is located in the heart of Athens, in the high-end district of Syntagma Square, and is one of the oldest, most reputable and prestigious sources of premium works of art. We have served collectors, designers, and museums for the past three generations.

Our Clientele includes businessmen, politicians and members of the Royal Families, as well as other Artists respectively, with a deep admiration of Premium Works of Art.

Major media houses and influencers such as TV5, the Tatler Magazine, the Greek National Television Program (ERT), Antenna Channel, Mega Channel, Action 24 Channel, Vogue Magazine, etc. have reviewed our Gallery as one of the best in Europe and recommended a must-stop in Athens.

Our team is highly qualified to assist clients in collecting, appraising – evaluating works of Art. Museums and private collectors, who buy and sell antiques through us, are well assured in the knowledge - assessment that they will receive the best. 

About Mr. Achileas Tsantilis

Α short description of the owner's ‘work and  experience’


Mr. Tsantilis is a third-generation Art Dealer and a certified Εxpertise in art authentication with many years of experience. His judgments are widely respected in the art world and he is often assigned by Greek and European authorities to provide his service and knowledge.


Mr. Tsantilis represents clients in Auctions worldwide.

He will decide for the client:

  • The authenticity of the item – work of art
  • If the instance or period for the artist is appropriate, etc.
  • The item’s estimated worth through experience - not ‘optimism’ in ten years' time.
  • What the possibilities may be for a prompt resale.
  • What the fair market value - the replacement value is
  • Advice on the splitting up of a collection for inheritance or divorce purposes
  • Advice on creating an art collection, where to begin.