Tsantilis Art

About Us

We offer museum quality; Greek & European works of art and authoritative art authentication services for Greek, Cypriot and European works of art, as well as advisory services for collectors worldwide. Established in 1925, Tsantilis Gallery provides important Greek and European paintings of the 19th and 20th centuries, with a collection that includes a range of periods and subject matter. We source and sell some of the most important Greek paintings on the market and we are among the most trusted and reputable art dealers in Greece.

We consider modern art as a financial investment and select only a few artists that are prompt to make gains in the fine art market. The majority of our contemporary art inventory is sourced directly from the artists or private properties. We acquire, exhibit, and promote works by young artists that are prompt to become the new “blue chips” in art. Our promotional strategy includes marketing tools in social media and internet marketing.

Tsantilis Gallery is located in the heart of Athens, in the high-end district of Syntagma square, and is the oldest and most prestigious art gallery in Greece. We are accredited by international major media houses and collectors as the most respectable source of premium works of art. For the past three generations, we have been serving collectors, designers, and museums. Our vast inventory ranges through Greek and European modern art and 19th and 20th century Greek and European artists.

Our team is uniquely qualified to assist clients in collecting, appraising-valuating works of art, confident in the knowledge they receive the best advice and expertise, whether they are museums or individual art collectors. Our clientele includes reputable collectors and museums with a deep admiration for premium works of art, politicians, businessmen, members of the royal families of Europe, actors, singers, etc.

Major media houses and influencers such as TV5, the Tatler Magazine, the Greek National Television Programme (ERT), Antenna Channel, Mega Channel, Action 24 Channel, the Vogue Magazine, etc. have reviewed our Gallery as one of the best in Europe and as a must-stop in Athens.

About Mr. Tsantilis

Mr. A. Tsanilis is a third-generation art dealer and a certified senior expert in art authentication with many years of experience and dedicated research on the field. He is considered a major figure in the authentication and attribution of Greek artists of the 19th& 20th century, due to his deep knowledge and longtime engagement in the Greek art Market. His judgments are widely respected in the art world and he is often assigned by Greek & European authorities to provide his expertise on Greek paintings.

He is often invited as a speaker at major media houses such as the Greek national television program (ERT), Antenna Channel, TV5 channel, Mega Channel, BBC, Action 24 channel, and Law & Order magazine.

He has lectured on Greek and modern European art as part of a local educational program and is often invited as a guest speaker in Athens-based events.

He will decide for the client

A) If the artwork is an original

B) If it is a good period for the artist

C) What will it be worth in 10 years without being optimistic

D) What is the fair market value – the replacement value

E) What are the possibilities for a quick resale

F) Advice for splitting up a collection, for heritage, divorce, etc.

G) Advice for creating an art collection, where to begin, etc.

A. Tsantilis has developed a unique method of authentication by combining the comparative examination techniques with laboratory studies and believes that the spirit of the artist is always reflected in his artwork.

He has conducted and participated in researches over the medieval history of Greece. These researches include Byzantine, Frankish, and Venetian military architecture, medieval weaponry, local costumes, and folk art. These researches mostly took place in the Peloponnese, the Cycladic islands, and Crete. He has also participated in researches of philhellenic art before, during, and after the Greek War of Independence. Due to his broad experience, he has been requested by the Greek authorities, foreign leaders to serve as a guide at museums and ancient & medieval historical landmarks.